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Google Picks Up Songza

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Jul 012014

Google Buys Songza
Google has acquired music streaming and recommendation service Songza for an undisclosed sum (but certainly not for a song).

Songza has eschewed algorithm based recommendations in favor of contextual playlists curated by experts.

Songza’s service is contextual in the sense that its playlists are based on the listener’s mood, activity or time of the day.

The startup’s Music Concierge service app is available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

With an estimated 5.5 million users, Songza is not in the same league as the biggies like Pandora (75 million users) or Spotify (40-million free and paying subscribers).

Google intends to deploy Songza’s capabilities in its existing Google Play and upcoming YouTube music services.

Both companies said no immediate changes were expected in Songza “other than making it faster, smarter, and even more fun to use.”

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Jun 242014

Vector drawing application Candy Apple is now available at the Mac App Store for a mere $1.99, a discount of 93% over its usual price of $29.99.

Use Candy App to easily design creative artwork and illustrations, enhance photos and add jazzy effects.

Ask not what you can do with Candy Apple, ask instead what you cannot. :)

You can enhance pictures and add effects, draw illustrations and graphics, convert text to a shape or path, adjust freehand drawing to create smooth looking paths, vectorize images to turn any photo into an editable graphic, apply 130 filters and effects to images on the canvas, combine shapes using Boolean operations, import SVG graphics and edit their vector paths, export as an image (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF) or a vector PDF and lots more!

This is a limited time offer.

Grab Candy Apple at the Mac App Store for $1.99  before the deal ends!

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Jun 192014

Google and Microsoft are promising to implement kill switches in the next versions of their mobile operating system software at the request of police.

Apple has already implemented the “kill switch in its iOS 7 mobile software.

Kill Switch for Apple, Google & Microsoft Smartphones

What is a Kill Switch?

A kill switch lets users remotely deactivate their stolen smartphones, effectively turning them into “bricks” that are of no value to thieves.

A kill switch essentially kills the secondary market for stolen smartphones.

Theft of Apple and Android smartphone theft have ranked among the top crimes in major metros like New York, San Francisco and London in recent years.

In 2013, 3.1 million smartphones were stolen in the U.S. alone, nearly double the figure in 2012.

A lot of these stolen devices ended up in the secondary market or were shipped overseas. Continue reading »

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Jun 192014

Linux Rocks for Average Consumers Too

Large corporations like Google, Amazon, Oracle and countless other businesses have long recognized the benefits of Linux and enthusiastically adopted the operating system as the core of their IT infrastructure and data centers.

But average consumers (the ones reliant on Windows or OS X/Mac computers) have largely shied away from Linux believing it to be complicated for daily use. That may have been true a few years back but no longer.

With solid graphical interfaces, Linux has now become easy for average consumers to use on a daily basis.

And there are scores of applications for all your day-to-day tasks like word processing, image editing, web browsing, e-mail etc. Recognizing the growing popularity of Linux, even a rival like Microsoft now offers a Linux version of the popular Skype application.

Linux – 5 Reasons to Switch

I’ll give you five reasons to switch to Linux and save a lot of money and headaches.

* Linux is More Stable
Compared to the Windows computers used by majority of PC owners, Linux is a gazillion times more robust and stable operating system. An army of programmers led by Linus Torvalds toil away on Linux every day to make the operating system better. And all updates and new versions are free. Bonus – You won’t get unusable junk like the Windows 8 nightmare ever. Continue reading »

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