Jul 292013

Amazon’s CloudFront content delivery network has set up edge servers in Mumbai and Chennai to speed delivery of its clients’ web content to end users.

Edge servers speed delivery of content by caching web pages, video, images, downloads and other files. When an end user requests a web page, video or any file, CloudFront picks the edge server best able to serve the request. Often the edge server closest to the end user delivers the requested content.

The Chennai and Mumbai edge servers are part of Amazon’s content delivery network of 42 edge server locations around the world.

Locating edge servers in India is a sign that Amazon has been witnessing significant growth in India and sees good potential in the country.

Indian Customers

As Indian companies look to scale their IT infrastructure without heavy capital investments, Amazon has been boosting customers in the country for its web services a.k.a. cloud services business.

Cloud services let clients pay only for services used and avoids the need to invest upfront on expensive data centers of servers, storage and software.

In the second quarter of 2013, 8,000 customers in India are said to have used the Amazon Web Services cloud to run a variety of IT operations.

Indian customers have been using Amazon Web Services for website hosting, data analytics, social games, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, and for mission critical business applications such as SAP and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Bollywood production and distribution house Eros has been using Amazon’s cloud services for content conversion, storage and streaming Hindi and Tamil movies for its ErosNow service.

Other Amazon Web Services customers in India include publishing company India Today Group, ad network Vserv.mobi, publishing services firm MPS and apparel manufacturer and online retailer Zovi.

Amazon’s Indian edge servers will also support the company’s Route 53 Domain Name System (DNS) web service.

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