Nov 242014

There are several web sites that spit out your IP address when you visit one of them.

The sites include DNSStuff, IP Tracker, WhatIsMyIP, WhatIsMyIPAddress etc

IP Address – Command Line

But what if you’re on the terminal and do not want to fire up the browser just to check the IP address.

Not a problem, sweetie.

There are several commands you can run to find your IP address while on the terminal.

Here are a few of the “find my IP” commands that you can run on the terminal:

dig +short

Important: Make sure you have curl installed on your computer. Without curl, most of the above commands (except for the dig + …) will not work.

Knowing your IP addresses is important for a variety of reasons including access to geographically restricted content, access control to sensitive sites (corporate, personal etc) and sometimes for tech support.

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