Dec 092012

Browser-based HTML editor CKEditor has gotten an upgrade.

The key enhancement of CKEditor 4.0, the new version, is Inline Editing.

What is Inline Editing?

Inline Editing is an HTML5 feature that removes the old text area, allowing users to edit pages directly in their final state.

What Inline Editing does is to give users a good idea of how their content will look without using impractical “preview” functions.

Giving modesty the brush, the developers of CKEditor 4.0 say the upgrade “truly gives you a WYSIWYG experience!”

CKEditor 4.0 launched

Other Changes in CKEditor 4.0

Here are some of the other additions in CKEditor 4.0:

* New default skin that integrates with a variety of web sites

* Add-ons Repository, a new central location where all community plugins and skins can be submitted

* CKBuilder, a new feature that lets users choose toolbar presets and modify them by adding or removing plugins and skins from the community Add-ons Repository. Basically, users can now create their own version of CKEditor even before downloading!

* Improved Copy/Pasting

* Better documentation

CKEditor is a browser-based editor, which means it will works on any operating system and does not require the software to be installed on your local machine.

CKEditor works with the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. However, all versions of the browsers may not be supported.

As of December 9, 2012, there were 95 plugins for CKEditor 4.0.

You can download CKEditor 4.0 for free here.

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