Nov 172014

So what if more user-friendly distros like Linux Mint and Ubuntu have stolen Fedora’s thunder with Linux newbies.

Still, there is a considerable Fedora base out there eagerly waiting for the next big release – Fedora 21.

By all indications, Fedora 21 should be out by early December 2014.

Unless something goes terribly awry, mark your calendar for December 9 as the big day.

Code Freeze

Earlier today, Fedora developer Stephen Gallagher announced “Final Freeze” on the distro’s devel mailing list:

[T]omorrow we go into the two-week Final Freeze for Fedora 21. That means that you need to have all of the packages that you want to see land in Fedora 21 submitted for stable by the end of the day *today*. After that point, we will initiate the Final Freeze Policy, where you will need to request a Freeze Exception (or be fixing a
Blocker bug) in order to get changes into the Final release. Anything else will be deferred to the [updates] repo for release day.

The Fedora 21 upgrade has been in beta since November 4, 2014.

The Fedora people are recommending FedUp (Fedora Upgrader) to upgrade from one release to the next.

Fedora 21 – Three Flavors

Fedora 21 comes in three flavors – Fedora Server, Fedora Workstation and Fedora Cloud.

The cloud version in turn comes in two sub-variants – Fedora Cloud Base Image and Fedora Atomic.

Targeted for use in OpenStack and Amazon EC2 environments, Fedora Cloud Image contains a minimal selection of RPMs plus cloud-init for boot-time configuration, and is the recommended cloud implementation of Fedora 21.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the deployable readiness of Fedora Atomic (a lean OS designed to run Docker containers) by December 9, 2014.

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