Nov 272014

The upgrade to my favorite Linux distribution Linux Mint 17 is getting close to release.

Key Linux Mint developers have disclosed that the ISO images for Cinnamon and MATE editions of Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca have passed QA (quality assurance) testing and approved for a stable release.

So expect the release to go public in the coming days.

The few users running Linux Mint 17.1 Release Candidate don’t have to wait for the stable release or reinstall. They can just use the Update Manager to install any level 1 update that they haven’t installed already.

For the majority that are running Linux Mint 17, they too do not need to reinstall the entire operating system. “Upgrading will be easy, fully supported and it will be an opt-in (i.e. you will have the choice to upgrade to 17.1 but also to keep 17 as it is),” promised Linux Mint developer Clem.

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