Dec 142015

The Linux Mint development team has pushed back the release date of XFCE and KDE desktop versions of Linux Mint 17.3 a.k.a. Rosa to January 2016.

Launch dates for KDE and XFCE versions of Rosa were originally set for December 2015.

But with even the beta (trial version) of XFCE and KDE yet to see the light of the day and the holidays approaching there’s no way for the final release to happen in December.

The earliest that XFCE and KDE versions for Linux Mint 17.3 will debut is January 2016 or maybe a little later.

Linux Mint Project Leader Clement Lefebvre said the beta of KDE and XFCE versions of Linux Mint 17.3 could still be out in December.

The delay is not really such a big deal since the majority of Linux Mint users prefer the Cinnamon desktop environment that’s tailored for Linux Mint.

Cinnamon and Mate desktop versions of Linux Mint 17.3 are already available.

An advantage with the XFCE desktop is that it’s relatively lightweight compared to desktop environments like Cinnamon, Unity, Gnome 3 or KDE.

KDE is a more resource heavy desktop environment but is also more customizable.

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