Nov 182014

November 18, 2014 – Tenable Network Security today rolled out version 6.1 of its popular Nessus vulnerability scanning tool featuring a dozen ready-made scanning templates and 100 system hardening guidelines to help organizations identify more vulnerabilities and malware and better implement best security practices.

In an age of frequent and destructive online attacks, Tenable Network’s promise to reduce the attack surface must come as welcome news to beleaguered organizations of all sizes.

Nessus 6.1 Enhancements

* Support for customizable compliance and system hardening policies out of the box (v6 comes with 100 built-in policies for network products, firewalls, storage devices, virtualization and cloud platforms and major operating systems)
* Automatic software updates of all components including the Nessus engine and user inteface
* A new API lets developers write custom scripts or APIs to integrate Nessus into their organization’s vulnerability management process
* New Policy Editor to simplify editing of compliance and system hardening policies
* A new Unified Scan View merges scan and schedule views into a single view to make creating and managing scans easier
* Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as an installation platform

Support for integration with Nmap and Nikto scan tools and importing of Nmap results into Nessus has been dropped in version 6 of Nessus.

Tenable Network Security is asking customers to use the native port scanning and web application scanning capabilities built into Nessus.

Also, starting with version 6 Nessus now comes only in a 64-bit version.

An enterprise version of Nessus costs $5,000 a year.

Organizations can try Nessus 6 free for 30-days. A free non-commercial, home version of Nessus is also available with a limited set of features.

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