Aug 282013

Parallels Access to Access Mac or PC from iPadFor $80 a year, you can access all the programs on your Mac or PC remotely from your iPad with the new Parallels Access service.

Parallels Access has received favorable reviews from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The $80 annual fee is a sticking point though with reviewers from both publications.

Parallels Access is said to be easier to use than competing offerings like VNC Viewer and Screens.

Parallels Access for the Mac is already out while the PC version is in beta.

Three caveats – First, your Mac or PC cannot be used while the iPad is connected to it; Second, the service requires a high speed connection for the iPad (apparently, 3G barely makes the cut); The Mac or PC should be on and awake (the computer can’t go to sleep) for the iPad to be able to connect to it..

Visit the Parallels Access page to know more about the service.

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