Nov 052014

Apple’s new large screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones are easily available now but with a catch.

64GB Models – MIA

The 64GB version is hard to get hold of if you’re one of those looking for instant gratification (i.e. walk into a store with $399 and walk out 15-minutes later with an iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage).

We checked online and at a couple of stores including Best Buy, Walmart and an Apple retail store to see if we could get our hands on a 64GB model of either of the new models today (November 5, 2014).

At both Best Buy and Walmart, the sales reps said they had never seen a 64GB model since the new phones debuted last month.

Best Buy had only the 16GB models for AT&T, and 16GB and 128GB models for Verizon and Sprint.

When we called the Apple store at Christiana Mall (DE) and asked for a 64GB iPhone for AT&T, again we drew a blank. We were told that only the 128GB model was available.

Shortages of the 64GB model seem like deja vu.

Last year, when the iPhone 5S was released the 32GB model was not easily available for several weeks forcing us to settle for a 16GB model.

Makes you wonder if the margins for 64GB model iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are lower than for the 16GB or 128GB models.

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