Oct 212014

The Tails project is asking users to upgrade to its newest release, Tails 1.2, stating that it has fixed a bunch of security issues and bugs in the new version.

Tails (an acronym for The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is the Debian Linux-based anonymous operating system that provides greater anonymity and privacy compared to other operating systems.

The free software is meant to be run off a DVD, USB stick, or SD card and leave no ‘fingerprints’ on the computer.

Highlights of Tails 1.2

* Fix for the POODLE vulnerability by replacing the Iceweasel-based browser with Firefox 31.2.0 extended support release

* Upgrades Tor to
* Mandatory access control for critical applications like the Tor browser, Vidalia, Pidgin, Evince and Totem via the AppArmor Linux security module
* Installs Linux 3.16-3 kernel
* Disables TCP timestamps
* Isolates I2P traffic from the Tor Browser by adding a dedicated I2P Browser
* Removes expired Pidgin certificates

The next release of Tails, Release 1.2.1, is due on November 25, 2014.

To upgrade to Tails 1.2, visit the Tails project site.

Tor Browser

In a related development, the Tor anonymizing browser has been upgraded to Version 4.

Three key features of Tor 4 are the replacement of Iceweasel browser with Firefox 31 extended support release, an in-browser updater and SSLv3 disablement due to the POODLE attack.

The Tor browser can be used without Tails and is the more popular of the two related products.

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