Oct 062015

First Ubuntu Hackathon in India Oct. 15-16, 2015
India’s first Ubuntu Hackathon is scheduled to take place in Bangalore from October 15-16, 2015 at the Mobile Developer Summit.

Ubuntu’s commercial backer Canonical will host the hackathon and is also the platinum sponsor of the mobile developer conference.

The goal of the Ubuntu Hackathon is to get developers to create new apps and content for the Ubuntu phone.

The hackathon will take place at the famed Indian Institute of Science.

Attractive prizes including Ubuntu laptops and smartphones are being offered for winners of the hackathon.

So register for the Ubuntu Hackathon quickly to pit yourself against your peers and make a grab for the prizes.

Ubuntu Smartphones in India

Two Ubuntu smartphones (Aquaris E4.5 and E5 HD Ubuntu Edition) recently launched in India via e-commerce site Snapdeal.

The E5 HD costs Rs 13,499 ($207) and the E4.5 is Rs 11,999 ($184).

Young Indians have embraced Linux with gusto.

So Ubuntu smartphones are likely to find a more favorable reception in India than in North America or Europe where consumers gravitate toward iPhones or Android devices from Samsung, HTC, OnePlus and other vendors.

In a smartphone world dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms, it’s uncertain if there’s room for a third player.

If Ubuntu can work with Chinese hardware manufacturers to get prices closer to $100, Ubuntu smartphones would have a better chance of gaining marketshare in emerging markets like India, China and Brazil where iPhones and high-end Android smartphones are beyond the reach of most people.

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