May 302013

Apple today launched a new iPod touch for $229, cheaper by $70 over the regular iPod touch entertainment device.

But customers will pay a price for the cheaper iPod touch since it does NOT include a rear camera and the lanyard hook for the loop.

The regular iPod touch has a 5MP rear camera and the lanyard hook.

New iPod Touch is $229

The new iPod touch has a 4-inch Retina display, 16GB of storage, front HD camera with 720p video recording, Siri, Maps and all the other features that are part of the regular iPod touch.

The devices comes with earpods and a Lightning to USB cable connector.

Like the regular iPod touch, the new model will run all of the iPhone apps in Apple’s AppStore and play audio, video and allow Internet browsing via WiFi.

The new iPod touch weighs 3.04 ounces (86 grams) and is supposed to have a battery life of 40 hours for audio playback and eight hours for video.

Unlike the regular iPod touch, the new version is available only in black color.

The cheaper iPod touch is a gamble on Apple’s part to boost revenues without the tough slog of boosting quality or adding any innovation to its older iPod touch line.

Difficult Times

Apple is facing strong challenges – Its stock price has taken a beating and Android phones and tablets are squeezing Apple’s marketshare, the PC market is slowing and the innovation pipeline, as best as we know, seems to be drying up.

Hence the resort to a cheaper iPod touch.

Media speculation has Apple launching a cheaper iPhone and iPad Mini later this year.

I’d be surprised if the iPod touch turns out to be a big hit because people have gotten used to having a rear camera in their handheld electronic gizmos.

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