Jun 052013

Singapore startup iTwin has added Mac support to its USB-based iTwin Connect Virtual Private Network (VPN) device.

The $199 USB device previously supported only Windows.

The folks behind iTwin Connect have now added support for the following versions of Mac OS X – Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.

The Mac support is a long overdue step in my opinion.

iTwin Connect Supports Mac OS X

What is iTwin Connect?

iTwin Connect provides Private VPN and Public VPN services for users desiring high degree of security and privacy to remotely access their data on a home/office network or to anonymously browse the Internet.

The device is a useful tool in an Internet universe swarming with malicious actors waiting to prey upon online users.

Besides the new support for Mac OS X, iTwin Connect works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 PCs and both USB 2 and USB 3 ports.

The iTwin software self-installs the first time the device is plugged in.

Why Private VPN

A Private VPN service is useful to remotely access files on a home or office network securely.

iTwin makes it easy to create a Private VPN.

Plug the device with both its halves joined together into a USB port on any computer in the home/office network to initialize the device.

Next, detach one half of the device and plug it into your Internet-connected laptop.

Voila, a secure VPN tunnel is instantly created to the home/office computer.

iTwin Connect essentially enables you to to set up a VPN server and securely access your home/office network remotely.

Public VPN Services

iTwin Connect for Mac lets iMac or MacBook users browse without worrying about loss of privacy, particularly in settings like unsecured public WiFi spots.

iTwin encrypts and sends all browsing via the secure connection to the iTwin dedicated server to ensure privacy for banking, browsing etc.

Alternately you can designate a home or work PC as a “trusted PC” and use that as a gateway to browse the Internet. iTwin Connect connects the “trusted PC” to the PC or laptop you want to browse from via a secure connection based on two-factor authentication.

iTwin’s Public VPN service comes in handy when you’re traveling to places with Internet restrictions or to browse privately.

Public VPN also lets users access geographically restricted content.

To use the Public VPN to tunnel out of a restricted network or to browse privately, iTwin Connect product owners plug one half of the device into their computer and select one of the public servers deployed by iTwin.

Currently, iTwin has three public VPN servers based in U.S., Amsterdam and Singapore. That’s far too few in my view. Perhaps iTwin will boost the number of VPN servers as it gets more users.

No Monthly or Annual Fees

The best part of iTwin Connect is that there are no subscription fees other than the one-time $199 to buy the product.

Other public VPN service providers charge a subscription fee to access their services but they offer more servers spread across several countries.

You can purchase iTwin Connect at the company’s online store or Amazon.

ITwin is co-founded by IIT Chennai alumnus Lux Anantharaman. iTwin COO is the other co-founder.

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