Oct 082013

For consumers or businesses searching for apps, it’s a tedious process.

First, there’s the big divergence of desktop apps and mobile apps.

Second, apps are divided by the underlying platform – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Then there are the multiple app stores – Apple’s App Store, GooglePlay, Microsoft’s Windows Store, Amazon’s Android store and the countless independent software vendors who sell directly.

And none of these app stores sell or allow you to search for browser add-ons or extensions.

All in all, not a convenient option for both consumers or businesses that support multiple platforms and devices.

In this post, I will show you how you can easily find apps for your Windows or Mac computers and Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices at one location.

Quixey App Search Engine

Quixey – One Stop Search

For the harried app buyer, there’s now a convenient option in the form of Quixey.

A dedicated web search engine for apps, Quixey solves a fundamental problem – allowing users to find apps across different platforms and devices – Desktop and Mobile, Mac and Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry – at one convenient location.

A well funded Mountain View, California-based startup, backed by Alibaba Group, Atlantic Bridge and other venture capital firms, Quixey lets you use any browser to search for mobile, desktop, web, and browser apps on its web site Quixey.com.

When you search for an app on Quixey, the results tell you the rating and if your app is free or, if it’s not, the price.

The results will  also point you to the download center for the app, which may be the Apple App Store, GooglePlay, Windows Store or an external location like the CNET download center.

Another big plus with Quixey is that it lets you search for browser add-ons for Firefox and IE, Chrome web apps and extensions for Safari. That’s a big help for countless users who live on the browser.

Some Quixey features like “Top Picks” and “Trending” apps in Quixey are currently available only for mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

Quixey says it’s invented a new type of search, Functional Search, that enables users to find apps by searching for what they want to do. For instance, you could search for “track my bills” or “I want India news.”

The app search possibilities are endless with Quixey.

If you’re frequently on the lookout for apps for your desktop or mobile devices or extensions for browsers, I urge you to give Quixey a spin.

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