May 212014

Google’s tiny rival DuckDuckGo has redesigned its search engine and search page.

The site has a slick, neat look now.

In the wake of reports of massive NSA surveillance, DuckDuckGo shot to fame last year with a better no-tracking privacy policy compared to its larger rivals.

I have used DuckDuckGo in the past and can attest to the site’s decent quality of search results.

New Features

The search engine, which is gaining new privacy-concerned users every day, has added new features like image and local search, recipe search, weather forecast, auto-suggest and a so called “Smarter Answers” feature that leverages work by the open source community in providing answers to users’ queries.

DuckDuckGo once again is highlighting that it offers “real privacy” in what’s unmistakably a reference to media reports of large technology companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft working with the spy agency National Security Agency to undermine users’ privacy.

The search engine is hoping “its focus on smarter search and real privacy will appeal to a significant percentage of people.”

I’d recommend you give DuckDuckGo a shot.

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