Nov 162014

Ever since the Firefox people started talking about inserting ads in the browser, my agony has known no bounds.

Is there no hope for ordinary folks to go about their daily online lives without being molested (tracked) by giant corporations like Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Google (Chrome) or Apple (Safari) or bombarded by ads as some idiots with cockamamie ideas want to.

So it was with great delight I stumbled upon reports of a new browser exclusively for Linux called Fifth.

The new browser is the work of Finnish developer Lauri Kasanen.

Based on information provided by Kasanen, Fifth browser seems to do well on memory use (less compared to other browsers)  but badly on cold startup.

Fifth – Details

Borrowing the best features from Opera browser, Fifth is based on a custom Webkit port to FLTK and licensed under GPLv3.

Here are other key features of Fifth:

* Supports best features of Opera like speed dial, content blocking and per-site settings

* SSL certificates are handled in a SSH-like way and Certificate Authorities are ignored because of “rogue CAs and governments”

* Provides users the ability to spoof several items routinely used by web sites and tracking companies to profile visitors

* Absence of support for ‘misfeatures’ like WebGL, WebCL, plugins, audio and video that degrade user experience and/or expose a huge attack surface, and instead video is replaced with download and stream buttons

Visit Sourceforge to download Fifth.

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