Nov 062014

I stumbled upon an interesting new photo storage and sharing app/service called Odysee today.

The beauty of Odysee is that it lets you use your Windows PC or laptop as archival devices for full resolution storage of all photos and videos you take on your iPhone (support for Android devices will follow) and still be able to access them any time from your smartphone.

In effect, Odysee turns your PC or laptop into a personal cloud for your precious memories.

No need to pay for pricey third-party cloud storage providers.

How Odysee Works

When you specify a folder on your PC or laptop as the Odysee folder, the app will automatically download photo and videos from the iPhone to the folder and sync them to other devices.

By the way, Odysee requires you to download a piece of client software to your Windows computer (a Mac client is on the way) to work its magic.

Your PC does not have to be connected to the Internet all the time because the service caches copies of recently accessed photos and videos online at high quality. Odysee’s algorithm predicts photos and videos unlikely to be accessed online and stores them at lower quality (similar to that on Instagram or Facebook).

Photos and videos are organized on your Windows desktop or laptop by device and date and can be shared with friends and family members you allow.

Odysee is free for the first year and a nominal $5 a year after that.

Odysee (a service of Silicon Valley startup Nimbuz Inc) is the brain child of Raghavan Menon and Shiva Javalagi.

Check out more details on the Odysee web site and download the Windows client here.

Now if only Odysee supported an Ubuntu/Linux Mint client, I’d have been jumping for joy.

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