Sep 102013

Good software (or apps as they’re fashionably referred to these days) is not cheap.

Whether you’re buying directly from the vendors or from AppStores like Mac, good quality software often runs upwards of $10 and can go up to even a hundred dollars. The majority of apps on Apple’s AppStore are below $80.

Unless there is an app that you must have right now, I recommend you wait until the app developer offers a deal.

Believe me, most of them do.

Software and App Deal Sites

There are several web sites that frequently provide deals where you can buy decent software or apps for discounts of up to 50%.

Here are a few of the software deals sites you should check out before buying your next app: – Offers a variety of software for both PCs and Mac. Discounts range from free to 50%.

MacLife Deals – This site provides deeply discounted bundles of software.

Two Dollar Tuesdays – Mac apps at $2 on Tuesdays.

Appy Fridays – Nice discounts on Mac apps on Fridays.

DealMac – A deals aggregator that highlights discounts on a variety of Apple products, cameras, iPad cases, networking gear like the TimeCapsule router cum backup device etc.

Linux Distros

I know that Linux can be a difficult proposition to tackle for the majority of Windows and Mac users.

The initial difficulty is in the downloading of the software, burning it on a DVD and installing it on a PC.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of stores that sell Linux DVDs of various distributions on the cheap. Prices range from $3-$5 for Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint or any of the other flavors of Linux. – Linux discs for easy installation.
ShopLinuxOnline – Linux DVDs for different distributions.

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