Large Screens Won’t Spur Tablet Sales

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Nov 152015
Large Screens Won't Spur Tablet Sales

As the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro goes on sale at Best Buy, Apple stores and Amazon, a big question looms on many minds. Will large screen tablets from Apple and Microsoft spur growth in the flagging tablet market? Tablet Slowdown Tablets have not been on anyone’s hot, must buy list Read More

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Yawn! Another Open Source E-Mail Client

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Oct 062015

Seriously, does the world need another open source e-mail client? Answer: Does America need another TRUMPeting mountebank with a weird hairdo? In Silicon Valley, people (VCs) with tons of money far too frequently knock into entrepreneurs full of gusto and gumption but often short of creative brilliance. Voila, a partnership Read More

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Ubuntu Hackathon in India

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Oct 062015
Ubuntu Hackathon in India

India’s first Ubuntu Hackathon is scheduled to take place in Bangalore from October 15-16, 2015 at the Mobile Developer Summit. Ubuntu’s commercial backer Canonical will host the hackathon and is also the platinum sponsor of the mobile developer conference. The goal of the Ubuntu Hackathon is to get developers to Read More

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How Many Webs are There?

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Oct 012015

When most of us think of the Internet, our thoughts turn to search engines like Google, news sites like New York Times, social networks like Facebook or Twitter, tech blogs like Techcrunch, shopping sites like Amazon, free e-mail like gmail and our employers’ web sites. But those’re just the most Read More

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Xiaomi Notebook Could give Linux Huge Boost

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Sep 282015

Will history repeat itself with the rumored Xiaomi Linux notebook? That’s the billion dollar question on many minds at Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and HP. It’s a gross understatement that Xiaomi smartphones have taken Asia by storm. With sleek designs, powerful internals and affordable prices, Xiaomi’s smartphones, tablets and TVs Read More

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Tails 1.6 Out

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Sep 282015

The developers of Tails have put out version 1.6 of the privacy oriented Linux distribution. Tails 1.6 is primarily a security fix for the several vulnerabilities found in the previous version (1.5.1). The Tails’ team is asking users to immediately upgrade to version 1.6. Tails 1.6 – Changes The Tor Read More

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